Richmond remains on Whites Radar

As the summer draws to a close the recruitment of talented guard Andrew White continues to heat up. White told in late June, "this July is crucial to prove myself as a basketball player." White did that and more as he used torrid shooting and athletic drives to the rim to continue his meteoric rise up the national recruiting rankings.
White's hectic July included 4 cities, at least 25 games and more than 30 new scholarship offers. The fluid, sweet shooting guard battled fatigue, a wrist injury and top-notch competition as he continued to play at an alarmingly high level. At the end of all the madness on the court there was no rest as droves of new schools inquired about his interest.
Andrew's father, Andy White, gave a detailed description of what his son's whirlwind July and the impending hoopla encompassed. "He picked up 30 offers in a 15 day period. It was hard to weed out the offers that we liked. He was tired from playing and the travel and then he was dealing with all the new coaches calling. The schedule was incredibly hectic. It's been almost a full time job for him but we're blessed to have the offers."
Andrew White started class at the Miller School in August. As he has settled back into a routine and his life has become a little less hectic he has started to sift through the colleges that are hoping to make him part of their program. Mr. White states that Andrew is looking for a school that would allow him to utilize his ever growing skill set. An ideal destination would be, "a school where he could play early with a system that appreciates a player with his skills. A program that needs a shooter. We are hoping to narrow it down to schools that could utilize a player with his particular skills."
Mr. White portrays that despite the rush of attention and offers Richmond is still a player in Andrew's decision making process. This is due to a variety of factors including their early interest in Andrew, a family atmosphere, location, recent team success and history of strong player development. "Coach Brunt has been great as have all the coaches. Right away they made us feel like family and they were there before the recruiting got hot…They type of social and academic setting Richmond offers is exactly what we are looking for and in addition it is close to home. Andrew and I used to sneak into the Robins Center when he was younger and get some shots in. We could see all of Andrew's home games. They have been winning a lot of games as well as putting players in the pros. There is a school right here in Richmond that can afford us everything you could ask for in a program."